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Current Show


Paintings juxtaposing and merging intuitive response with outward interpretation


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Artist Statement


Shawn Demarest is a Portland oil painter primarily focused on interpreting the environment she inhabits. Recently, a move to Foster-Powell led to a new body of work exploring SE 82nd Avenue. This series merges a traditional approach to urbanscape painting with an abstract and intuitive response. She defines these styles as Innerscape and Outerscape. Her exhibit at Gallery 135 showcases these new Portland paintings alongside recent abstract and contemplative paintings. Many of the paintings in this exhibit were funded by a 2015 RACC (Regional Arts and Culture) Project Grant.

Demarest was a 2012 and 2015 recipient of RACC Project Grants, received a 2012 Fellowship Residency to Playa Summerlake, and was the 2013/2014 Artist in Residence of the University Club of Portland.