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Current Show


The images here have all been hand-printed here in Portland, from hand-carved blocks of wood or linoleum. Where necessary to add typography or change the size, the image has been silkscreened or made into a letterpress plate by photographic process.


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Artist Statement


To me, the carved image has an extra strength that stems from the lack of an “undo” function. Each stroke is permanent, and when errors occur, they must be worked into the composition. The outcome is unpredictable, and this represents a kind of collaboration between the artist and the wood itself.

My first press was made from a tortilla press which I adapted to print linocuts from the project that got me a Grammy nomination (2011) for album package design, Anaïs Mitchell’s epic record, “Hadestown.”

Now I live in Portland and print at a great little collective printshop where I have access to etching presses and letterpresses.

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