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Current Show


Blazermania is a state of mind like nothing we have ever seen. It captures the heart and imagination of all Portlanders, new and old. Blazermania represents our relationship with the Trailblazers, and what the team means to Portland culture.

The PinWheel. Lillard Time. ‘77. The Glide. The JailBlazers. We are here to celebrate it all!



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Artist Statement


Trillblazin and Spikes High have united for BLAZERMANIA, an art collection that spotlights Rip City's love of the Portland Trail Blazers and creative ingenuity. Designers and artists of different disciplines and mediums have come together to build a unique collection of Blazer-themed art that’s charm can be found in the juxtaposition of perspectives and styles. Whether via watercolor, spray paint, 3D printing, collage, ceramics, or pixels, these creatives have come together to produce works that are rooted in their love of basketball, the Trail Blazers, and Portland. With an art collection brought together under the direction of Nathan Tabor -- and including works from Will Bryant, Matthew Hollister, Dan Gluibizzi, Aaron Dana, Gangsta Doodles, Baseball Card Vandals and more -- BLAZERMANIA combines two of Portland's most robust cultures.