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Current Show


Sam Walsh: Wolf Heart. Less of an identity and more of an approach. I roam the worlds of creativity with a pen, paint, and mixed media, I am always seeking new paths of expression and reflection. I often employ symbology, both universal and personal.
I continue to hunt and explore new processes and perspectives within my two-dimensional territory. I am ever-seeking any expression that pushes me forward and allows me to tear into the moment to capture its forever.


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Artist Statement


In his Portland debut Sam Walsh invites the viewer to enter his personal iconography and dive into his reflections. After sojourns and showings in Colorado, Chicago, and NoCal, he has found his footing in Portland. This series of drawings and paintings are renderings of what Sam has gleaned, provoking a deeper recognition of the singular complexies we all possess; complexities beyond our outlying beauty.
Sam is compelled to tear into the moment to capture its forever.