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Current Show

Jones’ most recent work, Inertia, employs materials that - quite literally - show the effects of time and external forces. Steel canvases provide the backdrop for images of fairgrounds, Ferris wheels, and schoolyards. Layers of pigment become layers of time, memory, and nostalgia.

In the world of physics, the term inertia is used to describe the tendency for objects to keep doing what they are doing. In the exhibit, Jones’ Inertia asks what might happen if we escape – even for just a moment – the captivity of ordinary life.


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Artist Statement

Kris Jones
Kris Jones’ work explores the tension between adult life and childhood; the art dreams of our earlier years, asking the question: Why do we do stop doing the things that once brought us such joy?

A trained graphic artist, Jones looked to her family history as a source of inspiration. Her father and grandfather grew up working the state fair; their time spent helping others find joy in the dwindling days of late summer. With Inertia, Jones continues the tradition, showing her viewers how to experience the joy of life’s simple pleasures.